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Summer 2010

Michelle has been hard at work on a new 1/2 hour pilot, a novel proposal, and several more national commercials for Crest (she's done 5 so far!). We're still waiting on a U.S. premiere date for the second season of "Exes & Ohs," but expect that it will be in fall/winter of 2010. For more information, please contact Logo via their website, Twitter, or the "Exes & Ohs" Facebook page.

October/November 2009

Michelle has been hard at work writing two new television projects and a feature film, so stay tuned for updates (fingers crossed!).

Also, the premiere date has changed for season 2 of Michelle's hit series "Exes & Ohs." We're now expecting it to air in early 2010, but we'll keep you posted as we know more. Please check back here for additional info, or you may contact Logo (U.S. and worldwide) or Showcase (Canada only) directly.

December 2008/January 2009

Michelle is currently in Vancouver camped out in the editing room as she finishes up the work on season 2 of "Exes & Ohs." Filming went great and everything is looking fantastic!!! If you loved season 1, you're going to really love season 2... More info coming soon. If you'd like to see what happened behind the scenes during pre-production and production, check out Michelle's video blogs on youtube or afterellen.

June/July 2008

Michelle has her nose in her computer and is hard at work writing season 2 of "Exes & Ohs," but you can still catch her online and on TV. Here's the latest:

-- Michelle was selected as one of Go Magazine's "100 Women We Love." It's an incredible honor - and even more so when you see the other 99 amazing women they love! To check it out, click here.

-- The commercial that Michelle recently shot for Sam-E is now on the air and online. Click here to watch it. And stay tuned for her Barclay's and Comcast spots, which should start running soon (if they aren't already).

-- And finally, Michelle is bringing her video blog back to AfterEllen! She'll do them several times a month, as time permits, so keep checking the AfterEllen site for the latest installment. The first one should be up by June 23.

Stay tuned here for more updates... until then, send Michelle lots of good writing vibes!

April/May 2008

"EXES & OHS" SEASON 1 DVD COMES OUT MAY 20!!! To pre-order your copy, click here.

Michelle has been doing quite a lot of traveling lately - from Ft. Lauderdale to Nashville and back to LA - so thank you for your patience with the delay in reporting the news. If you want to read details of the travel, check out her blog.

And now, a teaser for you... check back here very soon for some BIG NEWS!!! We can't even give you a hint... except that it's going to be really exciting!

March 2008

Michelle just booked another national spot - this time for Barclay's Bank - and will shoot it this month, so don't skip the commercials on your Tivo or you'll miss her! She's also been gearing up for a number of appearances at the Dinah Shore Weekend, including a fashion show (it's her sincere hope that she won't trip and fall on the runway).

Stay tuned for more news - and be sure to mark your calendars for May 20, when season 1 of "Exes & Ohs" comes out on DVD!

January 2008

Michelle is back from the holidays and back to work. She recently shot a brand new commercial for Comcast, which will soon start airing alongside her spots for Enbrel and Flintstones Vitamins. Stay tuned for more news soon!

November/December 2007

Michelle spent the month of November promoting "Exes & Ohs," shooting a national commercial, auditioning for new film projects, and working on her own projects. As the industry slows down in December with the holidays and the writers' strike - which will hopefully end soon - Michelle will wrap up her various projects and maybe even take a few days off (yeah, right) before launching into the new year.

A quick "Exes & Ohs" update: As you may know, the first season has officially ended, but you can still enjoy the episodes again and again on Logo, iTunes, and - and you can get your snazzy new Beever Cafe t-shirt in the Logo shop (they make great gifts!). If you like the show, please take a moment to write into Logo and let them know. Canadian viewers can also write into Showcase. Michelle and her "Exes & Ohs" team members are keeping their fingers crossed about a second season and viewer emails really help!

2007 has been a fantastic year...and we're looking forward to many more exciting things in 2008! So please keep checking back here for news - and have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.

October 2007

"Exes & Ohs" premiered October 8 on Logo and October 11 on Showcase!!! We're proud to announce that the show has gotten fantastic reviews and feedback - and it was one of Entertainment Weekly's "Tonight's Best TV" picks for the premiere!

Michelle has also been doing a lot of interviews and other promotional stuff. Here are just a few of the links...
-- Advocate feature
-- Go magazine
-- Bottom Line - San Diego
-- GayWired

And here are some of the latest reviews of the show...
-- Hollywood Reporter
-- Edge Boston
-- AfterEllen

Happy watching everyone!

And don't forget to check the "Exes & Ohs" home page on the Logo web site for all-new digisodes and updated content every week.

September 2007

Michelle has been working on her new tv pilot, promoting Exes & Ohs, "taking meetings" (as they say) around town, and spending a lot of money on coffee... Also, her feature script is in the hands of several interested parties, so stay tuned for updates about that as well.

In media news, Michelle has a couple of appearances coming up - one on Olivia's 100th anniversary cruise to the Mexican Riviera, and one that will be announced here as soon as details are finalized. There are also several new interviews and profiles about Michelle that are out in cyberspace - and a brand new Wikipedia entry! Michelle was also named one of Go Magazine's "17 Red Hot Entrepreneurs." Whew!

Finally, don't forget to set your Tivos, your Replays, your watches, or your VCRs... "Exes & Ohs" premieres in the U.S. on Logo on October 8, and in Canada on Showcase on October 11!!! HOORAY!

August 2007

Welcome to Michelle's newly re-designed web site!  While Michelle's web gurus have been making all of this gorgeousness happen, Michelle has been finishing her feature script, working on a new television pilot, and starting to promote "Exes & Ohs."  As if all that weren't enough to keep her busy, her feature script just went out into the market, so stay tuned for updates on that and everything else.  In the meantime, enjoy the site!

June 2007
Michelle has been working so hard that she forgot there was a month between April and June. Sorry for the lack of a May update... but it's not for lack of anything happening!

During the temporary breather before the "Exes & Ohs" promotional push begins, Michelle has been working on a feature film script and a new television pilot. Both are top-secret...but at least one of them will be making waves very soon! She's also been auditioning for film and television projects, so keep an eye out for her on the big and small screens.

Also, Michelle recently signed with new representation. In this business, having a great agent and/or manager is extremely important - and Michelle is proud to report that she now has both: Bruce Brown at Innovative Artists (agent) and Barry Krost at BKM (manager). Michelle couldn't be happier. :-)

And finally, big news for this site: It's undergoing a redesign! The new should be up and running in a few months, so keep checking back to see the new look!

April 2007
Michelle is back from the Dinah Shore Weekend and happy to report that the event was a huge success! In addition to doing press interviews, appearances, photo shoots, and filming some hysterical content for the Logo web site, Michelle hosted a screening of the "Exes & Ohs" opening credits and, for the first time ever, the world also got to see the first few minutes of the pilot episode! (well, not the entire world - just the lucky people in attendance) Michelle also did a Q&A with the audience after the screening. If you'd like to see some pics from the event, click here .

As Michelle and her colleagues wrap up the final few episodes of the show, Michelle is also taking the month of April to launch head-first into several new film/television projects...Stay tuned for more information on those!

March 2007
Picture is locked and post-production on season 1 of "Exes & Ohs" is in full swing! Michelle is currently hard at work listening to CDs (yes, that's work!), watching clips of the show with music laid in, and giving notes as the composer, music supervisor, sound designer, sound mixers, and many other folks do their incredible work on each of the episodes. Everything is now sounding great, in addition to looking great. The work should be done soon so stay tuned for more news after that.

In the meantime, the promotion process has already started! Michelle will be making her first official appearance for "Exes & Ohs" at the Dinah Shore Weekend at the end of March. For more information on the event, click here and here .

January/February 2007
Michelle is in the editing room working on the first season of "Exes & Ohs." Everything's looking great! Stay tuned for more information about when you'll be able to see the show on a television near you...

December 2006
Lots of news to report! First, the name of her series has finally been chosen! Drum roll's..."Exes & Ohs." Just wait until you see all the great things the network will do with a title like that! Second, production is going very, very well. They're over halfway through shooting and will be done by mid-December. Everything's looking great, feeling great, and the entire team is really excited about the project. And third, there's a lot more to report and not enough space here, so if you'd like to get more details be sure to visit Michelle's blog .

November 2006
Michelle has been absent from the "news" not because there hasn't been news...but because there's been so much!!! We're extremely excited to report that after an intense period of pre-production, Michelle and her team are now officially in the process of shooting her series for LOGO!!! Stay tuned for all the exciting updates...

September 2006
Michelle and her writing partner are hard at work creating the next 5 scripts for "The Rules" television series (Michelle was so busy working during August that she forgot to post a news update... sorry folks). Everything is coming along quite nicely. As of the start of September, the first draft of the script for episode 2 has been sent to the network for notes, the stories for episodes 3 and 4 are ready to be turned into scripts, and the stories for episodes 5 and 6 are undergoing final tweaks. Whew.

Stay tuned for more updates...and don't forget to get Logo if you don't have it already!

July 2006
"The Rules" is coming to LOGO!!!! HOORAY!! :-)

LOGO has ordered 6 episodes of Michelle's series, which means that the pilot "presentation" is now officially the pilot episode. :-) Michelle is currently creating storylines for the rest of the season 1 episodes, after which she'll be writing all the scripts. And yes, she's still starring in the show. And executive producing. Fortunately, she enjoys wearing many hats... and drinking many cups of coffee.

Stay tuned for more updates!

June 2006
Michelle is currently in pre-production for "The Rules" re-shoot. They're not re-doing the entire pilot...just a few scenes...and everything is going great so far. The re-shoot is on June 9, the team edits the following week, and then they re-submit the project to the network bosses for a final decision. All of which is to say that June is a BIG month for Michelle and her "Rules" partners, so please send lots of happy thoughts their way!

May 2006
Michelle has just booked another national commercial! This makes 12 nationals in just 4 years!!! The spot is for a product called Embrel (a psoriasis medication) and it will run on cable...And don't forget, you can still you can still see Michelle in her other spots for Duracell and Flintstones Vitamins on both cable and network television.

March/April 2006
Michelle and "The Rules" team were working hard in March to get their pilot presentation was presented to the Powers-That-Be at the end of that month...and they just found out that the project is still moving forward!! They haven't been picked up for series (yet!), but are now busy getting ready to re-shoot a couple of scenes. Once that work is done, the network will present the pilot again to get the final word.

So, at the moment, Michelle is hard at work doing some rewrites, handling pre-production issues, etc. Any and all positive energy that you, the reader, can send her way will be greatly appreciated!

February 2006
"The Rules" pilot presentation is in the can!!! Now that everything has been shot, Michelle and her partners will spend the next few weeks editing; then they'll deliver a cut to the network for their notes, after which they'll make final tweaks. Once the presentation is ready, it'll be shipped off to New York for viewing by the powers-that-be!! They hope to have a final answer by mid-March or early April, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, you can read all about this whole process on Michelle's new blog !

January 2006
Michelle and her partners are in pre-production on the pilot presentation for the "The Rules"...which means they're spending a lot of time casting, going to meetings, scouting locations, going to meetings, tweaking the script and, yes, going to meetings. It's GREAT!! :-) They'll be shooting at the end of the month. A lot is happening between now and then, though, so be sure to check back for more exciting updates!!!

Also, Michelle's episode of "Rodney" is scheduled to air on ABC on Tuesday, January 10. For air times in your region or for more information on the episode, which is entitled "The Sleepover," visit the official ABC web site at

December 2005
Michelle and her partners have moved into their offices in the MTV building in Santa Monica and are hard at work on the pilot for "The Rules" television series!! While she's busy behind the scenes (temporarily), you can still catch Michelle on tv in commercials for Duracell, Flintstones Vitamins, and soon in a spot for Sirius Satellite Radio. Also, her episode of "Rodney" will be airing soon...check back for more details!

November 2005
Michelle just booked a co-starring role on an upcoming episode of the new sitcom "Rodney" on ABC!! Stay tuned for air dates...

Michelle's television series, based on her short film "The Ten Rules," just got the order from the network to shoot a pilot presentation!!! The team is now in pre-production and they should be filming in January. Stay tuned for updates!!!

October 2005
The feature film "Heart of the Beholder," in which Michelle plays a tough D.A., has now won FIVE awards!!!

Best Feature Film -- New Hampshire Film Expo (Portsmouth, NH)
Best Feature Film -- Bare Bones Int'l Indie Film Festival (Tulsa, OK)
Audience Choice award, Best Feature Film -- Big Bear Lake Film Festival (Big Bear Lake, CA)
Director's Choice award, Best Feature Film -- Bluegrass Int'l Film Festival (Louisville, KY)
Critic's Choice award, Best Feature Film -- St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase (St. Louis, MO)

September 2005
Great news!! Everything is still moving forward for "The Rules" television series!!! Michelle and "The Rules" creative team have just turned in a draft of the pilot to the network... and the network executives should make their final decision about the series in the very near future. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed!!

August 2005
Michelle is hard at work on her television pilot and the outline for the series. Sources say everything is going quite well...Stay tuned for updates!

July 2005
Michelle just shot another national commercial! This one is for Sirius satellite radio and it brings Michelle's total to SEVEN spots either on the air or about to air!!! Soon, you won't be able to turn on a television set without seeing her. :-)

The Cisco "Self-Defending Network" campain, featuring Michelle's Cisco commercial, just won the prestigious EFFIE Gold Award for excellence in computer software advertising!! The Effie awards are presented annually by the New York Marketing Association.

EXCITING NEWS! Michelle's short film, "The Ten Rules," is officially on its way to being a tv series!!!

LOGO, the new cable channel from MTV/Viacom, loved the short and is developing it as one of their first original series. Michelle will be a co-creator of the series along with Lee Friedlander, who directed the short. Abbie, who produced the short, will stay on as producer. They've also partnered with a great executive producer and writer who used to work on "Mad About You" and has done numerous Emmy shows... Michelle will write the series with him and--of course--she'll also be one of the stars. :-)

The team is currently in the process of writing a pilot episode. Once that's turned into LOGO, they'll make the final decision as to whether or not they want to put it in production... but everyone is confident that the pilot will kick serious butt!!

Keep checking back here for more information on the series! To find out if you get LOGO in your area, visit .

June 2005
Michelle was interviewed for an article in Backstage West about how successful commercial actors got to be successful in the first place. The magazine is on newstands now!

Michelle's PNC Bank and Flintstones Vitamins commercials have started airing! Yet another reason to put down that intellectually stimulating book and turn your brain to mush watching a lot of television...

"Heart of the Beholder" web site is up and running. Click here to check it out.

Stay tuned for some exciting news that will be announced here very soon!

May 2005
Michelle's episode of the "George Lopez" show will air on Tuesday, May 3, on ABC at 8:30 (7:30 Central time).
For more info about the show, click here .

April 2005
Michelle just booked yet another national commercial!!! This one is for Flintstones Vitamins and she plays a mom with a very cute 4 year old son (insert chorus of "awwwwws" here). For those of you keeping track, that makes 6 spots in as many months! Soon, in addition to the Cisco spot that is currently airing, you'll be able to see her in national spots for:

Lincoln cars
Flintstones Vitamins
PNC Bank (east coast only)

All those spots will be up on the web site as soon as they are available, so keep checking back here for more video!

More exciting news to come very soon...

March 2005
Michelle is on a roll!!! At the end of February, she shot a PNC Bank commercial. Then, at the beginning of March, she shot a co-star role on the George Lopez show AND a national commercial for Duracell!! The George Lopez show will air in May...check back here for specific details on that and on the air dates for the commercials. HOORAY!

February 2005
Michelle did a reading at Word-o-Rama and stunned the crowd with her brilliance (or perhaps it was the fact that she wore a pink beanie on her head the entire time). Realizing that she doesn't look good in pink beanies, Michelle is now back to work, auditioning and honing her craft in class.

January 2005
Good news! "Heart of the Beholder" will premiere at the Freedom Cinema Festival, an independent film festival that runs at the same time as the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Michelle has a supporting role in the film, which screens on Friday, January 28 at 2pm. For more information, please visit

Michelle is back to work and kicking butt! In addition to adding video to her site, she's just started studying with the advanced class at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and will soon be featured as part of the Word-O-Rama reading series (more info coming soon). In the meantime, you can see her on screen in national spots for Cisco, Lincoln, and Kodak... so keep your TiVo impulses in check!

December 2004
Michelle is in the Bahamas this month (in her mind, anyway) and making plans for the new year. With a new manager, new headshots, and a brand new fish pond, she's bound to take the world by storm in 2005!

In the meantime, you can catch her on TV in a Cisco commercial... her Lincoln and Kodak spots should start airing soon.

Happy holidays!

October 2004
Michelle has been auditioning all over town (for acting jobs - get your minds out of the gutter!). She should have some news very soon...Stay tuned!

September 2004
Michelle just shot another commercial. It's for Kodak and she plays a dentist. You'll be awed and amazed at how she says "diastema closure" as if she actually knows what she's talking about...

As if that wasn't enough, Michelle also recently performed at the Groundlings theater with her Groundlings Writing Lab class. The show went very well and she was quite pleased that she didn't have to say "diastema closure" even once.

August 2004
Michelle just booked two more national commercials - one for Lincoln and one for Circuit City. Look for them on a tv near you very soon...

July 2004
You can now view one of Michelle's films, "Black Road," on iFilm. Check it out at .
Michelle plays a nurse...a creepy nurse. So grab your blankey and enjoy!

Michelle just finished shooting "Heart of the Beholder," in which she played the tough Assistant D.A. Denise Weston. Stay tuned for a release date.

June 2004
Michelle's commercial is on the air! Select a choice below to view it.

Catch Michelle in the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival!
June 8th, 8pm, on the Second City Stage (8156 Melrose Ave).
Ticket information at

She's also performing in an improv show with her Groundlings' SPS class.
June 27th, 1pm, at the Groundlings Theater (7307 Melrose Ave).
Tickets are very limited, so drop Michelle an email if you're interested in seeing the show.

May 2004
Michelle was just cast in the independent film "Heart of the Beholder," starring Greg Germann ("Ally McBeal"), Matt Letsher ("Gods and Generals"), and Jason Wiles ("Third Watch"). It shoots in June and Michelle will be playing a prosecutor.

Michelle just signed with Tag Models...which, as you'd expect, is a modeling agency. She's very excited for the opportunity, but still gets the giggles whenever someone uses the word "model" in reference to her. Nevertheless, in an effort to fully embrace her "model" self, Michelle now drinks only Evian water and has taken to smoking two packs a day (she was also considering botox injections and a spray-on tan until her sister swatted her upside the head).

As you can see, Michelle has also been working on her web site... Take a look around. Hope you like the changes!

April 2004
Michelle has new headshots! Click here for the gallery.

March 2004
On Sunday, March 7th, Michelle will run the LA marathon to benefit the American Cancer Society and in honor of her dear friend Sam Scribner, who passed away from cancer in July. Please support Michelle in this effort by making a donation of some kind...73% of all ACS donations are used directly for research, prevention, patient support, and detection and treatment for all kinds of cancer.

If you can afford a financial donation, please visit the ACS web site at:

If you cannot afford a financial donation, then please consider donating clothing or other merchandise to one of the ACS Discovery Shop resale stores. To find a store location near you, visit the ACS home page ( ) and type "discovery shops" in the search window.

Thank you for your support.

February 2004
Also, Michelle and the gang are back on stage with brand new improv/sketch comedy material!
Check them out every Saturday at 8pm from 2/21 through 3/13 at Club 66.
6266 1/2 Sunset Blvd (just east of Vine).

January 2004
Michelle's commercials should start airing this month on a TV near you! Both are for Cisco Systems and take place in an office building...She's the one wearing squarish silver glasses and pearl earrings. 10 points to anyone who can guess which one of those items (the glasses or the earrings) are actually hers. :-)

Also, Michelle is back at work with her sketch comedy/improv group. Show dates will be announced soon...

December 2003
Michelle will spend the second week of December shooting an as-yet-untitled short film. The rest of the month will be devoted to a much-needed vacation...which will last about two seconds and then she'll be back at work, plotting her takeover of Hollywood in 2004. Stay tuned! The New Year is going to be a good one.

November 2003
The Gay Mafia is back again with more new material! They're performing in the 2nd annual Los Angeles Fest of Sketch (LAFS) sketch comedy festival. LAFS features 19 sketch comedy groups and 54 performances over six weeks. It's the ONLY festival in LA dedicated exclusively to sketch comedy. Come check us out!

Saturday, November 8th at 6pm
Sunday, November 9th at 9pm
Thursday, November 13th at 7pm

McCadden Place Theater, 1157 N. McCadden Place in Hollywood.
Admission is $10.
For reservations, call 323-463-2942.

October 2003
Attention!!! You can see brand new comedy sketches by Michelle and the Gay Mafia before anyone else in the world! Check out "Experimenting with the Gay Mafia" on October 11th at 4pm. McCadden Place Theater, 1157 N. McCadden Place in Hollywood.

September 2003
Michelle and the Gay Mafia are back to work! This month, they're doing a special night of improv (a return engagement!) for members of the Great Outdoors club, who are having their 25th anniversary celebration in Malibu. Yes, that's a members-only performance...

But before you start sobbing uncontrollably, paging your therapist, and eating a gallon of ice cream in one sitting, take heart: You can still check out the Gay Mafia in their brand new all-sketch comedy show, "Experimenting with the Gay Mafia." September 28th (Sunday) at 9pm and October 11th (Saturday) at 4pm. McCadden Place Theater, 1157 N. McCadden Place in Hollywood. Hope to see you there!

August 2003
Michelle and her hysterical cohorts in The Gay Mafia finished a successful run of their summer improv/sketch comedy show at Masquers Cabaret in West Hollywood. Various members of the group are heading off on vacation (Michelle's considering spa treatments in Botswana), but they'll all be back in September! So check back here for performance updates...

July 2003
"The Ten Rules" won the Audience Award for Best Short at the Philadelphia Int'l G&L Film Festival. Hooray!

"The Ten Rules" also won Best Short Comedy Film at the Fort Worth Int'l G&L Film Festival! Hooray again!

June 2003
Michelle played an uber-Christian in "Speed Date," a film that spoofs...well...speed dating. It was a special experience for her. She was healed.

'The Ten Rules' (written by and starring Michelle) was released as part of the Wolfe Video short film compilation 'Watching You.'
Check it out at .

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