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Michelle has been an actor since the age of 4, when she managed to convince her mom that it was her sister who fed broccoli to the dog (an Academy Award winning moment, considering that her sister was only 2 at the time and clearly too young to know any effective sneak-food-under-the-table techniques).

Michelle's screenwriting career began one year later when she wrote an adaptation of Hello Dolly, entitled Hello Jello, and performed it for a packed audience in her living room. "A stunning debut," raved her mom. Her dad called it "wonderfully entertaining." Her sister said, "The jello's yummy." She did not feed it to the dog.

Since then, Michelle has written and/or starred in numerous film, television, and theater productions, many of which have also gotten rave reviews from her family. She's also backpacked around Europe, finished grad school, taught French, learned to ski, been to opening day at Pac Bell park (go Giants!), visited the Getty, discovered the joy of farmer's markets, rollerbladed across San Francisco, run two marathons, and met some amazing people who have become amazing friends.

Michelle currently resides in Los Angeles with the small handful of other actors and writers who also live there. And since you're probably wondering - yes, that is her real last name.

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